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sales as a service
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Are you looking to increase your Revenue?

Studies indicate that most most companies struggle with inbound and outbound sales – especially as the products or services are commoditized.
Typical responsibilities of a Sales organization include working with the marketing team for research, lead generation, qualification of the leads, setting up meetings with prospects, needs assessment of the prospect, proposal generation, closing business, and post-sales continuity.
Do you have internal resources who are performing some or all of these functions successfully? Do you think they could use some help? Do you want to take advantage of proven expertise and experience to bolster your sales pipeline at a fraction of the cost?
Yuvis provides help with it’s Sales as a Service offering, including providing a fractional Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and fractional VP of Sales. We also help with setting up meetings with prospects, with defined account strategies.
Our Sales as a Service offering helps organizations to optimize their investment in sales by leveraging a team of experts and partners. We offer marketing services like branding, PPC campaigns, SEO and SCM services – leading to in-bound lead generation. Our experts then qualify these in-bound leads and setup targeted outbound meetings to help build a robust pipeline. Next step is closing a percentage of these opportunities to get incremental business for our customers. We offer account nurturing services to encourage future business.
We have flexibility to work with you on a variety of business models, as well as targeting prospects in multiple geographies. Please contact us to discuss further.