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Benefits of Implementing Sales as a Service for IT Services Companies

Sales as a Service (SaaS) is a concept that has gained significant traction in recent years, particularly among IT services companies. This approach involves outsourcing the sales function to a specialized third-party provider, allowing the IT services company to focus on its core competencies while still driving revenue growth. There are several benefits to implementing […]

NEW Data on the Psychology of Selling

Traditionally, salespeople think they need to close every single person they get in front of. This belief affects the way we think; it changes the psychology behind how we sell. But when we realize that half of all prospects are never going to buy from us—no matter what—everything suddenly shifts.The goal of the conversation is […]

How to Sell in 11 Words

The Art of Selling Is Nuanced, But If You Learn These 11 Words, Then You Can Master the Art of Sales. Here’s Your 11-Word Guide to Master the Art of Selling. Source: How to Sell in 11 Words | Guide to Master the Art of Selling

The art of leading in the AI age

Different eras of technology have called for different types of leaders, meaning that we look for different skills when we decide whether to follow someone. Although the different leadership styles were developed under different technological conditions, they are all present and necessary for organizations to succeed today in the digital era. Source: The art of […]

Unlocking Sales Success, Part 1: Understanding Your Target Audience

The previous article talked about the 5 strategies for sales success for IT services companies at a high level. In this 5 part series, we examine each of these strategies, with tips from my experience working for various companies, and now as a coach/mentor working for my Sales as a Service company, Yuvis Partners. #salesenablement #salescoaching #salesexcellence #saleseffectiveness It almost sounds […]

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