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Seaweed mining could help the green transition

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) has funded three separate projects involved with mining seaweed for said minerals. If successful, the aquatic plant can be an alternative to other more invasive types of mining and extraction. Source: Seaweed mining could help the green transition | The Week

How to Present to an Audience That Knows More Than You

And then I realized that I had a choice: I could be intimidated by these seasoned professionals’ depth of knowledge and experience in the room — or I could leverage their deep and diverse expertise in service of the group’s learning while managing my ego. I picked the latter. The presentation allowed me to share […]

How Generative AI Will Change the Way M&A Deals are Done

Currently, just 16 percent of mergers or acquisitions involve the use of generative AI. But early adopters are beginning to use models that are built in-house or by contracted programmers to source deals and sift through thousands of legal documents in minutes. Developers can create most models in just a couple of days. And generative AI is accelerating at a […]

Why Grocery Shoppers are Leaving Stores to Buy Their Food Online

The report reveals that grocery e-commerce sales – defined as encompassing delivery, pickup, and ship-to-home services—will reach nearly $120 billion annually by the end of 2028, accounting for 12.7% of total U.S. grocery sales. Additionally, online grocery sales, excluding ship-to-home orders will make up 10.7% of total grocery sales within five years. Ship-to-home, which uses carriers like FedEx and UPS, is […]

How Utopian Thinking Can Inspire Business Leaders

The distance between reality and our dreams is a space for creative solutions. Business leaders aren’t blind to the environmental scars etched by their industries, nor to the communities left behind in the pursuit of profit. They feel the unease, the gnawing guilt, but the harsh reality often seems easier to ignore. Executives are trapped in […]

10 Tips For Selling Professional Services

All buying decisions begin with emotions. If you understand the emotions your potential client brings to the negotiating table and how they affect the decision-making process, you’re more likely to be successful. When selling to multiple buyers, remember that they may each have a different emotional reason for wanting or not wanting to move forward. […]